The Oldest Store in Town

This is not open now, as so many small and local businesses are shut down. But, they were selling coffee. The building needs some TLC but it isn’t abandoned. I like the old stops along main streets in small (very small in this case) towns. One thing I noticed here were the birdhouses nailed up on the roof (I’m sure there is a correct word for that part of the building, I just don’t know it). Who made the birdhouses, who put them up there, and did birds ever live in them?

Lost Farm House

Not fair to say it was lost. I noticed a white cow at the shed to the side. It didn’t stay long, not shy, just not that interested. The farm house is like many others you can find in rural Ontario. But, pretty sure no one still lives in this one. There was a small rusted sign along the side of the driveway, but nothing I could still read on it. I liked being out in the early Spring, after the snow had melted. You wouldn’t know whether it was Spring or Fall, without some sign of green coming or going.

The Animal Farm House

Pat doesn’t live here but his animals do. He was working at the back when I found the old house. He invited me to take all the photos I liked, but he doesn’t want people bothering the animals when he isn’t there. The old house is home to goats, turkeys, chickens and ducks.