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Stone House Not Long for this World

A house on a hill. I think this was along Jane Street if you travel long enough north of Toronto. I haven’t been keeping track. Not remembering where places are is the best way to not share location information and see the old places vandalized. This one will be torn down at some point. The real estate is too desired for an old ruin to be left alone for long.

Access is not strongly blocked. Enough to give the message that this is not for the public to wander in. So I stayed on the public side of things and took photographs from the road and the bottom of the hill. Others have likely gone farther and explored inside. It doesn’t seem respectful when there is a pretty fresh lock on the gate.

Viewed from the Road

This house I only photographed from the road. The access to it was on private property, not abandoned at all. I’m kind of shy and like many people this past year, I’ve been feeling less than social and exuberant at the idea of being friendly. So I didn’t take photographs from the driveway at the house of the property owner. The stone houses are still my favourites. I like this photo, kind of spoiled by focusing on the tree, but more interesting to leave something of mystery, not yet seen. Of course, I did take better photos. This is the the I like best for posting.

The Oldest Store in Town

This is not open now, as so many small and local businesses are shut down. But, they were selling coffee. The building needs some TLC but it isn’t abandoned. I like the old stops along main streets in small (very small in this case) towns. One thing I noticed here were the birdhouses nailed up on the roof (I’m sure there is a correct word for that part of the building, I just don’t know it). Who made the birdhouses, who put them up there, and did birds ever live in them?