Strange Ontario?

I bought the domain Strange and I may move this site and other content over there. I am not finding an easy way to post/host all my photos online. Part of the problem being image size and the other image theft. One makes everything load really slowly, or not at all. The other means someone else is taking credit for and possibly selling my photos. Both, are frustrating. Plus, I’m just not feeling the enthusiasm I used to have for running/ producing sites. I think it is temporary. Now and then I miss it or get a great idea, things just seem to end up fizzling.

Maybe (another) fresh start will help. Without the stuff I’ve already tried to fix and patch and throw together.


I wear glasses, also known as spectacles. This year I am aged 55 years and still a woman. People, some of them, think women don’t explore. Those people are misled. I am surprised when someone is surprised that I still get out and explore, photographing old places, mainly in rural Ontario. Although, other than Toronto, a lot of Ontario seems fairly rural, or has melded into a suburb of Toronto.

I grew up in a Toronto suburb. Originally, it was a lot of trees and water and some animals, well before that it was all a lot of gas. How far back do you want to go? Less long ago, it was a town, village, called Port Union. Scarborough absorbed it. I was never happy about that. Even as a child I didn’t like seeing history lost. I doubt many people now living there know it used to be Port Union. I don’t count, because I don’t live there any more. After the high school years I moved around. I have lived all over southern Ontario and visited most of the rest of it. I also lived in the US and the Dominican Republic for awhile. Different culture experiences. I would still like to visit more of the world but – when you’re young you don’t have the money and when you have the money you have somehow become old and less inclined to venture afar.

But, I still do, in my own way. Always, in my own way.

This site will display my photographs, experiences, discoveries and ideas current, ongoing and as far back as I can still find photographs I have taken.