What Will Become of the Royal Edward Arms in Thunder Bay?

What will happen to this beautiful old hotel in Thunder Bay? It is for sale.

Here is the real estate description and the photograph they provide with the listing. No inside photos, which isn’t a good sign. It may look like an angel of white on the outside but be a disaster on the inside. That would be a great shame.

Multi-res/Investment opportunity. 56 suites plus commercial space, converted Royal Edward Hotel. See attached brochure for details. Features paved vacant parking lot.

Across the Street from the Bank Ruins in Thunder Bay

I noticed a ghost sign on a building across the street from the burned out ruins of the CIBC bank building in Thunder Bay. I had looked up the bank on Google Street View and noticed the area looked old and run down. It has seen better times I’m sure.

The building with the ghost sign has been known as the Roy Building at some time in its history. It may be empty now, I wasn’t sure.

One more ghost sign, a little farther down the same street.

Old Mill in Caledonia

Say farewell to the old Caledonia mill, which has sat on the banks of the Grand River since 1853. Efforts to restore the last water-powered mill on the Grand River began in 1981 but have consistently been curbed, mainly because of the funding issues. The Golden Horseshoe Antique Society, which ran the town’s annual steam show, took on the project in 1981 when the Grand River Conservation Authority threatened to tear the mill down. The latter acquired the property in 1979 with the idea of turning the site into a park. The mill stopped grinding flour and feed in 1966. In the 19th Century, it put out more than one thousand 300-pound barrels of flour a week and shipped to Europe, Quebec and Western Canada. It operated as a feed store until 1975.

Source for the above photos and text: The wheel has finally turned for the old Caledonia mill | TheSpec.com Too late to get any photos myself. This was due to be demolished and replaced by March of this year (according to the article). Not so many old mills left in Ontario.