Sarnia’s Subterranean Rail Tunnel

Interesting the tunnel was never sealed off. Also, an alarm went off when the migrant came out on the Canadian side. Maybe it will get closed off now. Sarnia won’t want to have someone else go through and make insurance or legal claims against the city.

The Canadian portal of the St. Clair River Tunnel in south Sarnia. On the left if the original tunnel, opened in 1891 and now closed.

Source: Man arrives in Canada through subterranean rail tunnel, seeks refuge in Sarnia – The Sarnia Journal

Canada’s History Archived from 1920

The Beaver is now archived online, from 1920 to the present. I found this in October 1920. Very likely the art has outlived the artist. Would this even be published in a magazine now? Hunting a polar bear as they go extinct.