Rosemary Hasner – Ontario Rural Ruins in Art

These images are based on photographs of Ontario rural locations, some abandoned but some just old and interesting.  Mixed media photography. I like the images with the postal marks on them. A personal thing from all the years I wrote penpal letters and still really like vintage postcards. But, my favourite of all of these is the one with the plain wooden house and all the greenery in the foreground.  I like the look of it, much less spooky than the other images. I think it has a touch of fantasy and is more interesting because it’s less forbidding and doom and gloom.

rosemary1 rosemary2 rosemary3 rosemary4 rosemary5 rosemary6 rosemary7 rosemary8 rosemary9

Via – Rosemary Hasner at Black Dog Creative Arts.

Grrl Explorers on Flickr

Female Urban Explorers

Urban Explorers tend to be men…which is no bad thing for us girl explorers 😉 but being such a rare breed, it’s always nice to meet other girls interested in UE. This group is a place for UE girls to get together to talk about our explores and experiences and a place to share our images. Let’s celebrate the fact that we are female Urban Explorers….and proud of it!

FUSE – Female Urban and Street Exploration

…interesting artifacts found on the street that have been abandoned or unused for quite sometime, parts of a building that has lots of character, or urban exploration in general (the inside of an abandoned building, house, etc).

Why females only? The art of UrbEx is male dominated. I wanted it to be known that women are out there UrbEx’ing too.

Do it for the grrls!

Film Making Women Arrive Tomorrow

The film making women arrive tomorrow and I’m kind of shy, nervous and excited. Elizabeth noticed my rural ruins photos on Flickr and emailed me about going out with her and a location manager to see some of the houses. She wants to use a crumbling old farm house in a film.

Tonight she sent four photos which I have taken as sites she has picked out to see more of.

I wish there was a perfect pill or at least a skinny pill I could take tonight. They are both from Toronto, likely skinny and well dressed types. I’m the blobby potato who made apple pie with her Mother yesterday. Sometimes I just get tired of looking like me. Though I do like my hair, even though I’ve come to the stage of having to colour away the greys.

Anyway, tomorrow I will meet Elizabeth and we will go out touring around. I must remember to charge up the battery on my camera. It should be fine but will not hurt to make sure it is fully charged rather than wish I had done it when it starts to get low tomorrow.

So, no, I won’t be a star but maybe one of the houses I have visited will be in a great Canadian film. Coming soon to a theatre near you…