Dover has Europe’s Best Preserved Roman Lighthouse

I’d like to see that lighthouse. Of course, being England and a town on the coast, there are lots of old places and things (like shipwrecks) to see. The lighthouse would be special. Finding images of it from long ago would be great to compare with how it is now. I like finding lighthouses here, in Ontario. Unless something leftover from the Vikings is discovered, there won’t be any as old as this Roman lighthouse, in Canada. These images are from The Shepherds of Dover, on Facebook by way of the Bored Panda website. Source: We Moved To Live In The Worst Place In England, And Here’s What It’s Like | Bored Panda

Graffiti Art Hearts

Paul Angel, in the UK, has made a project of photographing hearts carved or drawn in public places. A nice project for an urban explorer. Where could you find the oldest graffiti hearts in your local area? Have you ever created one yourself and if so, how did you make it and what did you make it on?
carvedheartA series Paul Angel, UK, has been working on since 2004, photographing graffiti love hearts and pairing them with the spaces in which they are found.

A book based on the Graffiti Hearts project.

Missing Buildings

I often get a haunted feeling when I notice these ghosts left on the side of a building from one which was there but demolished now. I was happy to see someone else thinking about them and even getting a collection of photos. These come from London, UK. How many have you seen in your own area? Did you ever stop and get a photo? Or, see what you can find out about the building no longer there?
Source: London’s ‘Missing Buildings’ by Thom And Beth Atkinson | Amusing Planet

UK Derelict Locations

I never thought of looking at sites about film locations for abandoned buildings. This one is for the UK, called Location Works. They have a whole subcategory for Derelict buildings/ locations. Nice photos too. Even if you can’t go see for yourself I just like seeing the photos and I’m glad someone has kept something of those old places before they completely fall apart and become forgotten. They all have some kind of history. Someone built them, lived in them and cared about them.