Threatened Chimney Swifts Make Nests in Old Places

A threatened bird, the chimney swift, only stops flying to land on vertical perches inside hollow trees, chimneys of old buildings, abandoned wells, grain silos, air shafts, barns, sheds and derelict houses.

The population is threatened due to habitat loss. Interesting as so much of their habitat has adapted to live alongside people. There are many animals living in urban environments but I hadn’t heard of the chimney swifts before.

Apples and Sweet Peas (2007)

Apples and Sweet Peas Window 1321616077 Apples and Sweet Peas Side View 1322507724 Apples and Sweet Peas Machinery 1322509914 Apples and Sweet Peas Front View 1322511380 Apples and Sweet Peas Broken Front 1321615039 Apples and Sweet Peas Barn at Front 1322504404 Apples and Sweet Peas Barn 1321618541 Apples and Sweet Peas Back View with Apples and Shed 1321618263 Apples and Sweet Peas Back 1321617921 Apples and Sweet Peas Apples 1322506632 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322512548 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322512246 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322511992 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322510820 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322508550 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322508056 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322505032 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321620759 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321620179 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321619667 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321619331 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321616653 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321616345 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321615531 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321615263 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321614687 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321614409 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321613115An old brother and sister lived at this house until they died. No family were left to carry on with it.

The fields were being used by a neighbour, rented or bought the land (I forget which now). He stopped along the road when he saw me taking photos. Was concerned about what I was doing. But, happy to tell me the story of the place after we talked to him. At the end of the conversation he suggested we pick all the apples we wanted from the trees at the back of the house. He even invited us to come back again and pick more.

I did go back a few times to this house. I met more of the family on another occasion. Later we dug up wild garlic and daffodil bulbs which grew in the long grass. Most of the daffodils came up (three years later) in our own front yard.


Foraging 2.0: Grafting Fruit-Bearing Branches To Neutered City Trees

Foraging 2.0: Grafting Fruit-Bearing Branches To Neutered City Trees: SFist.

This is interesting to me because we gathered apples from abandoned farms and along the roadside from trees which were pretty forgotten. These apples would be heritage seeds and possibly types of apples no longer grown commercially. Yet they were often a stronger or better type of apple, resistant to bugs and disease. But unpopular for some other reason.

The idea grafting branches never occurred to me. It would give you the chance to have apples much sooner than growing a new tree from seed. Also, a lot of trees grown from seed just don’t make it. Grafting would have a better chance for success, though need more time to keep the tree from going back to it’s roots, literally.

Red and White House in the Trees

This is an abandoned house in Scarborough. On Kingston Road, near Markham Road, as far as I remember. It was all painted red and white. I remember seeing this house before when it was something, I don’t remember what it was though: car lot, restaurant or something else. But it was red and white then too, many years ago. Now it is abandoned but the city is saving the trees on the property. More photos on the Ontario Rural Ruins blog.

Rural Exploration: Private House Exposed

This house would have been one of those houses you can’t really see behind a tall hedge of thick pine trees. It had a ‘Private” sign in the front, along with the rabbits for sale. This house will be gone soon, all it’s pine trees have been taken down. It must have had a fire inside – I could see the scorch marks on an upstairs window. It is certainly not being lived in. Kind of like an abandoned bee hive.

Abandoned Christmas Trees

Lonely Tree
Originally uploaded by Olly C.

Gives a less than glowing impression of Christmas doesn’t it? What does happen to all those real trees which are cut down and dumped out?

I have a fake tree and I’m proud!

abandoned Christmas trees
. A Flickr group for Discarded Christmas Tree photos.

Daylight Abandon at Flickr

Daylight Abandon -MrCal at Flickr

My ex-husband has taken up photography. I really like this one with the little house hidden in the bushes and trees, along the road. Have a look, some of his photos are really good. He likes a little urban exploration and graveyard haunting too.

There are groups on Flickr geared to urban exploration:
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OK, not all of them were on topic for urban exploration. I just like a lot of things.

Things like night photography…

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I don’t think I can really explain this one. I just like it.
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