Ottawa’s Old Train Station

Bhat Boy’s exhibition, called the Old Train Station, featuring scenes from Ottawa’s original train station downtown [was] showcased at the Orange Art Gallery.

“One of the things that really interested me is that the old train station was the hub of industrial Ottawa before it became a government town,” Bhat Boy said in an interview.

According to a press release, the old train station, built in 1909 and located across from the Chateau Laurier was closed in 1966.

The Grand Trunk Station officially opened in 1912, bringing historic arrivals and departures, including New Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry departing for the First World War before the station was renamed to Union Station.

It was the arrival and departure points for everyone from King George VIII and Queen Elizabeth, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and even Elvis.

Source: Ottawa Community News

Miniature Houses with Ghost Signs

They call them “realistic street advertising in miniature”. They are ghost signs for miniature buildings as part of miniature villages for train sets and other mini hobbyists. Kind of cute and really realistic looking too. There seem to be several variations which is really good to see. I thought there would be two or three at most. But, there are enough to make each of your buildings have a different ghost sign.

Now I’m wondering if there are miniature abandoned buildings too.