Culvert Installations from Saskatchewan

Source: Culvert Installations

About Culvert Installations

Welcome to this collection of culverts. It’s a work in progress. Saskatchewan’s total road surface is 160,000 km, enough road, according to The Government of Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure, to circle the equator four times. Under all these roads you’ll find culverts. All of these culverts have stories. These are my photos of Saskatchewan culverts, the basis of a book in progress. The writing is underway.

Brenda Schmidt is a writer and visual artist based in Creighton, a mining town on the Canadian Shield in northern Saskatchewan.

5100: Canadian Urban Exploration Magazine

5100 – An urban explorer’s magazine. Anyone who has explored in the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba is welcome to write about their experiences and submit it to the zine for publishing.

I can’t find anything left of 5100 itself. Published by Reduxzero from the site, Drains of My City. Nothing active found, so far.