Ontario History in Rocks

I’d like to read the books by Nick Eyles, about Canadian geology. Two of his books are about Ontario history and places to see for the rocks.

Road Rocks Ontario and Ontario Rocks.

I have always liked rocks, one of the oldest and most enduring things on our planet. Really, is there anything that can top a rock for endurance and long life?

I studied physical geography in high school. A lot more than rocks and geology involved in geography but everything involves or stands on rocks at some point.

As an explorer of old places I especially like seeing the wear and tear caused by weathering. Bricks, stone, glass, wood are all changed by the wind and rain. One of the things being swept up by wind and water are rocks (sand, pebbles, etc.). Weathering of rocks forms the very ground we rely on. How can anyone not have a fascination with rocks and their history?

Stone Gates in Neustadt, Ontario

When I was a baby we lived on this farm. I don’t remember it but my Mother does. She says when we lived there the farm had a lot of these stone sculptures. At each corner of the farm property were smaller stone columns which had decorations on top. These gates have been in worse shape each time I see them. There are only two of the four corner columns left now. One has nothing left on top.

But, when we lived there the man who made them had a whole courtyard with much more fancy and labour intensive work. A farmer moved in after us and had all of that torn up. I don’t think there are even any pictures of it. Once I did see the gates in a newspaper clipping. It’s really nice that at least some of it can be kept in pictures.

Daylight Abandon at Flickr

Daylight Abandon -MrCal at Flickr

My ex-husband has taken up photography. I really like this one with the little house hidden in the bushes and trees, along the road. Have a look, some of his photos are really good. He likes a little urban exploration and graveyard haunting too.

There are groups on Flickr geared to urban exploration:
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OK, not all of them were on topic for urban exploration. I just like a lot of things.

Things like night photography…

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I don’t think I can really explain this one. I just like it.
Doll Photography