Lovely Old Place in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Found on Buildings at Risk.

Such nice work on this building. I found it with Google Street View for a better look. There are birds on the sides of the building. I hope someone takes care of this place. On Google someone had garbage leaning against one of the main doorways. Tried to get some nice images with Google to show it off. As always, wish I could be there to see it and photograph it myself.

This building also has images of the original owners. I wonder if the families still own the building and know who the faces on it are.atrisk0atrisk1atrisk2atrisk3atrisk4atrisk5atrisk6atrisk7atrisk8atrisk9atrisk10atrisk11atrisk12atrisk13atrisk14atrisk15atrisk16atrisk17atrisk18 Continue reading Lovely Old Place in Edinburgh, Scotland

Overhaul Taking Place

The content I posted here was moved from another of my sites. I also have content from a site I wrote for (which closed) to move in. So, with images broken and deciding what I want to use or not from the other site… I am really behind on getting this blog ready for viewing. For now, I took all the posts into pending review. So, there isn’t much to see on the live blog at the moment.

The Houses are Dying

Lee-Ann sent me this link, 100 Abandoned Houses. It is heartbreaking to look at them but I looked at all 100, cringing and sighing over some of those beautiful homes being left to fire and eventual death. A house can die I think. It may not be alive in the sense of having blood or opposable thumbs, but it is a creature of sorts. When (if) you look at these houses think of them as a home, a place that used to have a friendly kitchen and bedrooms where children lined their stuffed animals up along the headboard of their bed. These houses aren’t homes but they have lost more than that. One, in particular, just seems to be moaning “I’m hurt.” Where did the people go? I read the about page for the site, that explained some of it.

Maybe knowing Detroit is/ was a big part of the auto industry explains even more. Will this be the future for more of our cities as the big employers buckle under and there are fewer jobs for an increasing population? Could the cities become ghost towns, like out of some science fiction story? It’s a weird feeling to look at these houses and know they are all in a large city, not some out of the way farmhouse in rural Ontario.

Rural Picture from the Lost Motel

I took a photo of this before the fire. Thought I would get another photo in the morning, in better light. Never had any thought that there would be a fire. Wish I had taken it off the wall when we ran out and brought it back with me. I really like this. Never even had the chance to find out if there was an artist name on it.

I like the colours and the atmosphere/ mood of the scene. Kind of has that feeling of an abandoned place out in the middle of nowhere. Though nothing looks ruined, it seems lost.

Beauty in Ruins

This house is on #11, went to see it yesterday on the way back from Gravenhurst. Tons of mosquitoes on a rainy day. Didn’t get to see a lot of the place up close as the grass was very long and rain slicked. Without being able to see where I was walking I didn’t walk around the whole house. Looked like it was once a real beauty. I’d like to make another trip there.

Hillsdale, Ontario Old House

This is a rough looking place now but you can see it was beautiful once. I wasn’t sure it was actually abandoned, just neglected. If I had been sure it was abandoned I would have walked closer and taken more photos. These were all from the sidewalk and street. 10X zoom is great. Though harder to keep the focus nice.

Caught on the Viva Bus – Yonge Street

I hoped to get a better shot but the bus goes fast and I was lucky to get it twice. No time to zoom in. This house is at the fringe of a new development. The basement is all dug around for some reason. It looked like a tooth having root canal or something else very out of it’s place.