The Falconry Centre in Tottenham


At some point this contained over 200 birds. But it’s closed (2012) and left to fall apart now. You can see what it was using the Internet Wayback Machine link.

The owner of the property has his own story at The House of Emonts.

Simcoe News – Major drug bust at falconry centre – More of the story.

I haven’t seen the place. It certainly has an interesting back story. How did growing pot (which is being made legal according to Justin Trudeau) bring about so much chaos and loss? It must be quite an interesting place to see. But, I don’t know about accessing the location. Probably smart to ask first.

They Make Horror Movies Here, Don’t They (2007)

I don’t know the history of this house or what happened to it since I took the photos in 2007. But, this is the only place I have ever felt a hint of something odd. I don’t completely believe in ghosts and I don’t believe in evil (not in a Biblical way) but I do think bad atmosphere hangs around and can stick with people and places. Possible Horror Movie Site Wood Picture 1322503244 Possible Horror Movie Site The Pit 1322502000 Possible Horror Movie Site Release the Hounds 1321611525 Possible Horror Movie Site Front Entrance 1322503062 Possible Horror Movie Site 1322503474 Possible Horror Movie Site 1322502824 Possible Horror Movie Site 1322502328 Possible Horror Movie Site 1322501632

Wreckage on 31 (2007)

Wreckage on 31 1321606185 Wreckage on 31 1321607167 Wreckage on 31 1321608019 Wreckage on 31 1321608417 Wreckage on 31 1321608845 Wreckage on 31 1321609735 Wreckage on 31 1321610279 Wreckage on 31 1322496814 Wreckage on 31 1322497502 Wreckage on 31 1322497802 Wreckage on 31 1322499118 Wreckage on 31 1322499582 Wreckage on 31 1322500404 Wreckage on 31 Forgotten Curtain 1322501046 Wreckage on 31 Window Frame 1321607651A man was living in a trailer on the property. No one had lived in this house for awhile. I asked for permission to walk around and see the house. He didn’t mind, just wondered why I was interested. One of the only times I have gotten permission to explore and one of the very few times I talked to someone who didn’t give me a history of the place before I began photographing it.

I don’t know if this house still stands. It had some nice, old fashioned and unique features.