The House is Long Gone

This was the first house I photographed with a digital camera.  Both the house and the camera are gone now. I bought a new camera, but the house was irreplaceable. To me the old houses become stoic individuals, one of a kind, the longer they remain abandoned. Please don’t vandalize, salvage, or take souvenirs. (I partially exempt garden plants because they are living things which can bloom again).

Dawson House in Chesley, Ontario

So far I haven’t found an update for this house. It was put up for sale by the municipality in 2013. I found it on Google Street View but the images are from 2013, so no clue there.

It had been a museum at one time, the Chesley Heritage and Woodworking Museum. Most if it seems to be rental units now. Old buildings tend to deteriorate faster as rental units. (My brother has lived that experience with an old house he bought in Orillia).

Here are images of the Dawson house, in Chesley, from Google Maps. There are stained glass windows still remaining on most of the first floor windows. There is a mysterious bell at one side of the front of the buiding. If the town had to give up on it, there must be a lot of expensive work needed. But, it will be a shame to see this place fall down around itself.


The Old House on the 3rd Line?

I drive by this old house about once a month on the way to visiting my brother in Orillia. It’s wasn’t an abandoned house but old and houses close to a highway interest me. They show how the roadways have progressed.

Yesterday I drove by and I had a triple look because (I’m still not 100% sure) the house was gone. I could see a wire fence around the area, over the driveway. But, there was no sign of the house. There is a chance I just missed it but, I can’t think of anything else there with a driveway. I hope I’m wrong and the house is still there. Not that it’s going to last forever but I will be sorry to see it not there any more.

These images are screen captures from Google. I never stopped to take a photograph of the house. I just thought it would continue to be there.


Halloween Wallpaper

I especially like images of Halloween which include an old house, possibly haunted. The haunted part doesn’t matter to me. I just like an old house with a lot of detail and weathering. Here are a couple I found today. Not the detail of some but they do look weathered.

Note: Yes, it is the same image, just reversed in the second one. I found these on a wallpaper site this morning.

halloween_2014-1225 Halloween-2014-HD-Wallpapers

Near the Town of Primrose

This house is only boarded on the lower level. One of the upper windows is smashed, both panes of the glass. Other than that it is just neglected looking. Too bad it is likely to be pulled down so something else can go up. It is a busy intersection, on #89. But already covered by enough restaurants I would think.

One thing I noticed and wished I could have dug up were some very scarlet and very deep neon pink sweet williams. There wasn’t much else there remaining of the garden. Tons of weeds and only one groundhog (or some other rodent-ish creature) hole in the yard.

Rural Ruins – by Laura (me).

Suspense and beauty in torn brick, shattered glass, mouldering wood and old craftsmanship, weathering, falling into ruin.

Relinquished by those who made them and neglected by those who could reuse them. Now just an old house in the way in a world of strangers.

Wooden sheds and barns grey with age lean against the Earth waiting to fall into the dirt they grew out of.

Garden perennials struggle in the lawn poked by groundhog holes, roof shingles, glass, bricks and wildflowers.

History and life forgotten in each dusty, spidered window pane, each strongly holding brick and each door with crackled paint.

Mystery shines at the partially open doorway. A touch of things that once were. A whisper of things inside with rotting floors and peeling paint.

Rain, sun, wind and snow the house stands, holding itself up, majestic, keeping it’s secrets. A home to only the wild creatures now.

Coffee and More Coffee

Meeting another rural explorer for coffee this afternoon. The Navigator as she is known on Flickr. Then off to work, another Saturday listening to the lunatics. You can’t have it all, apparently.

I’m looking forward to the coffee and chat. The Navigator has some of the best old house pictures. She is one of my top favourites. Admittedly it’s not a short list. Still, she has been to places I have yet to see and her pictures are very well done.

I may have a bug in my ear, literally. I can hear something that makes a soft thud noise inside my head in the area of my ear. It started at work last night, while I was wearing the headset. I don’t think it could be a bug, how would it crawl through the ear pads? But that is what my Mom said. She had a bug in her ear once when she was out gardening. So maybe that is what it is. It only thuds around once in awhile. Seemed to be doing more last night. I don’t really think it is a bug though. I think something is just a bit swollen from the standard work type of headache and it will be fine on it’s own. Maybe over my next weekend, this Tuesday/ Wednesday, it will go away. Still, a bug would be interesting in a kind of yucky way. What kind of bug is it and what did it think it would find when it crawled in there? Only the bug can tell.

For the Canadians and the odd American… have you heard about the new Tim Cards at Tim Hortons? I bought one last night. Saves me scrounging through the mess at the bottom of my purse for spare change each time. But, doesn’t it seem a bit backwards? Tims stopped letting us use the debit cards cause they wanted to provide faster service (so the signs say). Now they come out with their own private debit type of card. Faster than the bank debit card? I don’t see that working out for great leaps of speedy service. Might not be so bad once it gets going. Even then people will be in line reloading it, taking longer than it would have to just use the usual debit card.

I want to find new boots. A pair that I can mostly just slip on, without a lot of lacing up. Ankle boots like we used to have in the 80’s would be nice. I had a great pair of low cowboy style boots which are exactly what I’d like to find now. Not much chance. They all seem to be high rise ankle breakers or hiking style boots now.

Farmhouse Ruins

The farmhouse was quite far back from the barn and shed, without any kind of path or road to it I couldn’t get closer. I didn’t want to walk through the field and muck up whatever was planted there. Also, as usual, I wasn’t wearing good footwear for walking through mud, prickly weeds and whatever else inhabited the area.

The farm was off a side road outside of Cookstown. I noticed it when we were driving on the #400. It is visible from the highway if you are looking for a dark old house in a field. The house is nearer the highway than the side road I drove to get there. Maybe the house was approached by the road which was once the highway, before it became so huge and cut off the old farm.

I would have liked to see more of the house. I drove around looking for another backroad but only found a road which ended at the highway, no exit. Maybe someone else with big boots to trek back there will get more photos.

The House on a Hill

I pass by this old house each time I drive to Newmarket to visit my family. The house is on the outskirts of Bradford, on a hill, across the road from the Husky Truck Stop. This time I brought my digital camera and took pictures. I started just at the wooden fence surrounding the place. I couldn’t see an easy way around it. After a few minutes I crawled under the fence in the driveway. I wish I had gone inside the house too, but I was alone so that didn’t seem like a good idea. Not that anyone was there, there were no recent tracks in the snow other than my own. An abandoned house isn’t safe and this one has been empty a long time.

The funniest thing that happened was losing my car keys. I had stuck them in my bra cause I had no pockets. At some point they had fallen out and I only noticed when I was back at the car, ready to unlock it and go.

My favourite picture is that one with the broken piece of chair. I love the house though, the look of it and how it sits on the hill.

So there’s my little adventure and my first use of the digital camera. They turned out better than I expected. It was cold and my hands were a bit shaky but none of the photos are blurred or out of focus. I don’t think they would have turned out so well if I had used my 35mm camera.