I Ordered Abandoned Manitoba

I have especially liked Manitoba since I first traveled out west from Ontario. I considered moving to Winnipeg, sometimes I still consider moving there. Winnipeg felt like a ruralized version of Toronto. I liked the local transit, the people I met and, more importantly, Winnipeg has great history and old buildings. I’m looking forward to the arrival of the book!

Update: the book arrived soon after I ordered it. It is wonderful. Highly recommended to history lovers and explorers in Manitoba (or anyone traveling in the province). 

Abandoned Manitoba by Gordon Goldsborough.

Paddlewheel Ruins in Manitoba

I hope explorers in the area have gotten out there to photograph them before they are demolished, too far gone, vandalized or repurposed and sold as scrap.

The Paddlewheel Queen once adorned every tourist brochure promoting Winnipeg and half the postcards — the other half featured the Golden Boy.The sternwheeler with the spinning paddle blades in back — rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river — was the iconic image of Winnipeg.

Source: Paddlewheel Queens: Passenger ships once ruled the Red River – Winnipeg Free Press

5100: Canadian Urban Exploration Magazine

5100 – An urban explorer’s magazine. Anyone who has explored in the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba is welcome to write about their experiences and submit it to the zine for publishing.

I can’t find anything left of 5100 itself. Published by Reduxzero from the site, Drains of My City. Nothing active found, so far.