Cityscapes on Rings

I really like the idea of these but I really can’t afford to buy one. Besides, I’m Canadian. I could come up with my own design and turn it into an ASCII art image. It’s something I would like to do but haven’t started yet.

If you happen to be from one of these cities you may want to get a ring. Most locations were the US and Europe.

ringscitiesSource: View City by Shekhtwoman on Etsy

Abandoned House Drawn for Inktober

Posted for Inktober but I think it’s great as an abandoned house. I especially like the rain. Rainy days tend to be great for photographing old places. At least they are for me. I worry about the camera and it isn’t easy trying to keep the raindrops from the lens, but I still like the rainy days best.
Source: Ello | rachelkatstaller