The Old House on the 3rd Line?

I drive by this old house about once a month on the way to visiting my brother in Orillia. It’s wasn’t an abandoned house but old and houses close to a highway interest me. They show how the roadways have progressed.

Yesterday I drove by and I had a triple look because (I’m still not 100% sure) the house was gone. I could see a wire fence around the area, over the driveway. But, there was no sign of the house. There is a chance I just missed it but, I can’t think of anything else there with a driveway. I hope I’m wrong and the house is still there. Not that it’s going to last forever but I will be sorry to see it not there any more.

These images are screen captures from Google. I never stopped to take a photograph of the house. I just thought it would continue to be there.


Fake Buildings

littlehouseI’ve seen at least a couple of small houses which have never been lived in. They were built to disguise equipment/ machinery for the telephone/ power company. It’s not so hard to recognize them because they all look about the same.

The image in this post comes from Google street view. This house is one I see every time I go to the local grocery store, it’s just a couple of streets away, in my neighbourhood.

Faux facades, fake buildings or whatever official name they have been given are interesting to find.

Have you seen any? You may not have noticed them. You may think your town is too small to have one, or any. It’s not the size of the town, however, it’s the location that counts.

  • power relay stations
  • cell phone infrastructure
  • train tunnels
  • ventilation
  • emergency access

Sources for other fake buildings:

Haunted House Scenarios in Games

People think of haunted houses because they want to think every abandoned house is haunted. But, really, I think the real danger of an abandoned house is the actual house itself. Has anyone ever thought to make a game where the house is falling apart and you are exploring in the wreckage? With the addition of possibly meeting other people (living, not ghosts) who would not be happy to see you. Then, lets not for get the animals: insects, rodents and birds in particular.

Or is it just easier to be afraid of something fictional, like a haunted house?

Having written all that… I’d love to play something like Ravenloft if I could play without needing a group of others and all that extra set up (dice, character sheets, kit, etc).  Best of all would be seeing the map, with the layout of the house and then exploring to see each room in all the architectural details. You can skip the ghosts and monsters for me. I’d just like to see the house, even a fictional house.

Source: Haunted Half-Dozen: Six Unforgettable Haunted House Scenarios for Tabletop RPGs – Geekcentricity

Would you Walk Through these Gates at Night?

Great photo of ellaborate gates from somewhere. Posted to a Halloween group on Facebook. The photo came up in my Facebook feed from a friend. This was my comment:

I explore and photograph abandoned houses. You can see a lot more in the daylight. Seems a shame to go at night just to freak yourself out about ghosts.

Little Houses Outside Cookstown (2007)

There are a string of these little houses outside of Cookstown, sort of on the way to Beeton.

Likely you have seen them if you travel in the area. The surprising thing is that people do sometimes still live in some of them. I found out while taking photos one day. I still pass by them but haven’t gone for another round of photographing them.


Millions Of Houses Left Abandoned This Morning

urbanexplorationasciiartThe Onion (see link below) is satire. You have to look to find the actual note saying so. Many of their posts make you wonder… but you aren’t quite sure. Satire is just a twist on reality.

In this case, I just loved the headline. So true and yet so obvious if you think about it. Most houses are left, locked up and empty, while people go on to start their work day, run errands, take trips and so on. There are easily millions of houses left abandoned every morning. For obvious reasons.

Source: Millions Of Houses Left Abandoned This Morning – The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Urban Exploration with Drones

I’m not sure what a drone is versus what is not a drone. This video was taken with a quadcopter, to me it looks like what I’ve seen called a drone.


Seems a very smart way to search for abandoned houses, even on property you haven’t bought yourself. Unless your drone falls to the ground and you go in to retrieve it, you get a decent look without upsetting anyone worried about trespassers. If you spot something with the drone you can also map out the best route too.


Depending on how much magnification/ zoom your drone has you might be able to see a lot of detail. This is one of the best drone uses I have seen. (Other than defusing bombs, terrorists and deep sea exploration beyond the limits of human beings).

These images were from videos made by the property owner, Len Farneth. The first are views from the quadcopter (drone) and the second is a visit to see the house by foot.

Miniature Houses with Ghost Signs

They call them “realistic street advertising in miniature”. They are ghost signs for miniature buildings as part of miniature villages for train sets and other mini hobbyists. Kind of cute and really realistic looking too. There seem to be several variations which is really good to see. I thought there would be two or three at most. But, there are enough to make each of your buildings have a different ghost sign.

Now I’m wondering if there are miniature abandoned buildings too.

The Houses are Dying

Lee-Ann sent me this link, 100 Abandoned Houses. It is heartbreaking to look at them but I looked at all 100, cringing and sighing over some of those beautiful homes being left to fire and eventual death. A house can die I think. It may not be alive in the sense of having blood or opposable thumbs, but it is a creature of sorts. When (if) you look at these houses think of them as a home, a place that used to have a friendly kitchen and bedrooms where children lined their stuffed animals up along the headboard of their bed. These houses aren’t homes but they have lost more than that. One, in particular, just seems to be moaning “I’m hurt.” Where did the people go? I read the about page for the site, that explained some of it.

Maybe knowing Detroit is/ was a big part of the auto industry explains even more. Will this be the future for more of our cities as the big employers buckle under and there are fewer jobs for an increasing population? Could the cities become ghost towns, like out of some science fiction story? It’s a weird feeling to look at these houses and know they are all in a large city, not some out of the way farmhouse in rural Ontario.