Photographing the Obsolete as it Happens

What could you find to photograph for history? Typewriters, wrist watches, maps on paper… so many things which have been made old fashioned, and obsolete. I miss the mechanical things like the old phones, watches and a compass. Inventions which were treasured while their time lasted.

The Obsolescence Project. 2013 – Ongoing.

Initially begun as a 30 day photographic blog project, it became a 365 day blog documenting things that are obsolete or about to be, about the nature of obsolescence and occasionally a modest and brief history of stuff.

Source: The Obsolescence Project – Photography by Deanne Achong

2 thoughts on “Photographing the Obsolete as it Happens”

  1. Thanks for the comment. It amazes me how much cell phones have replaced and how included and expected they are these days. I don’t have one, I don’t even like the idea of them. But they are becoming so integrated into so many things I may have to keep one even if I never use it as a phone.

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