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DMBH is a comprehensive directory of dragon related links and has a number of useful links and resources. Such as Oekaki Poteto (an online drawing programme). We also offer the Adopt-A-Dragon Web Rating, which are little graphics which you can put on your site, telling browsers what age group your site is aimed at. Don’t forget the Inner Dragon Quiz. We also have a selection of dragon articles, from dragon magick, to dragon recipes!

Archiving/ recovering abandoned dragon websites. Includes ASCII art and sites that were amazing when still being updated. Nostalgic.

Circle Rituals

I’m trying to write about casting a circle for the Wicca and Witchcraft newsletter at BackWash. But… I just can not remember the right term (or the standard term anyway, who says it’s right anyway!) for closing the circle. I know about drawing and casting it to begin with. Anyway, the funny thing is, I’m looking at websites about circle casting and such and NONE of them mention closing the circle. Not one single site in over 10 so far talks about ending the ritual by closing the circle. How incomplete of them. I’m surprised yet not astounded.

Still, makes me wonder how many people ignore this part of the ritual then? How many circles are cast but never closed. How much energy is spilled out into the universe due to sloppy rituals? If you build it you must close it too.

Spirituality for the Home

– Of course the original link is 404 now, as are all sites from Geocities.

The Hearth


For ancient cultures, the hearth was the center of the home.
It was the provider of warmth through the harsh winter months,
and also provided heat for cooking all meals. It was the
gathering place of the household.
Fire has a special attraction for all of us. Within its
smoke and flame lie the origin of many religions.
Fire, the element of transformation, causes change to occur. It can be
destructive, but through destruction comes creation.
The fire in the house was never allowed to die. It was considered
unfortunate if the household fire went out during the night.
If this occurred, hot coals would need to be borrowed from neighbors.
If the coals died while being transported home, it was an omen
that the family would have an unlucky future.

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Walkers like Ships in the Night

“There is a class of walkers who share a certain comaraderie. We are not drunks, tramps, hookers, cops, priests, party-goers or night-shift workers; we are merely outsiders. On the rare occasions when we meet we acknowledge one another with a tiny tilt of the head, or a quick nod; but each of us carries his or her own solitude. We are invisible and cannot be touched.” – Sean Stewart

Red Jasper

Some stones radiate high levels of energy, such as quartz (especially in smoky or rutilated form). Others work much more slowly. One of these is red jasper. In some Native American cultures red jasper is considered to be the symbolic blood of the earth, and it’s generally thought to be one of the best stones for connecting with the deep, stabilizing energies of the earth.

In the chakra system red relates to emotions, and of all the red stones it is the least volatile. Jasper is a stone which makes its effects known slowly and gradually.

It is considered an emotionally calming stone, and can be an excellent stone for either those who are hypersensitive to crystalline energy and find it difficult to work with, or for those who like change to be a gradual, unfolding process.

In this context it is particularly recommended for gem essences. It’s also a very good stone to use when someone is upset, and needs to be calmed down.

Found at: Our Glass Wire –

I had a red jasper stone wired into necklace a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it. But then I lost it for a few days this week. Things went a bit bad this week. I don’t give a stone credit for causing a bad week but for some reason I feel it was connected. Maybe because I choose the red jasper as a stone for myself, giving myself space/ permission to make life changes, accept some things and change others. Anyway, it was on my mind a lot while it was missing. Tonight my Mom found it. I had left it with a work shirt, it must have come off when I took off the shirt.

Anyway, it’s back now.