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Urban Exploration Resource
– Avatar-X
– Ninjalicious (RIP)
Urban Exploration Montreal
– Tux et. al
The Vanishing Point
– Kowalski
Ontario Abandoned Places UrbEx Barrie
– CopySix
– Bryan
Desolation UE
– Brind
Consumer Gods
– Boffo
– Photoseeker
Angels of the Underground
– AotU
To Hell And Back
– terapr0
Section 6


Urban Exploration Webring Underground Ozarks
– White Rabbit
Urban Exploration Alaska
– Freak
Hours of Darkness
Cave Clan Australia
– Cave Clan
Sleepy City
– dsankt
– Glass
Urban Glow
– Siologen
– Motts
No Promise Of Safety
– uLiveAndYouBurn

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Abandoned Canada

One of the projects I am working on is a web directory with sites relating to urban/ rural exploration and abandoned sites in Canada (the rest of the world as well but it’s a massive project to tackle all of it at once). It’s far from ready to be shown off. But, I do have a list of sites for Canadian explorers and those who just like to look at old houses, places and things.

Flickr: Ontario Rural Ruins
Flickr: Canadian Rural Exploration

Flickr: Abandoned Canada

Flickr: Abandoned Ontario
Facebook: Ontario Ghost Towns and Historical Places

British Columbia:

Flickr: Abandoned British Columbia


Flickr: Historical and Abandoned Alberta


Flickr: Abandoned Saskatchewan


Flickr: Abandoned Quebec

Flickr: Abandoned Montreal

Northern Canada:

Flickr: Abandoned Alaska and Yukon

5100: Canadian Urban Exploration Magazine

5100 – An urban explorer’s magazine. Anyone who has explored in the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba is welcome to write about their experiences and submit it to the zine for publishing.

I can’t find anything left of 5100 itself. Published by Reduxzero from the site, Drains of My City. Nothing active found, so far.