The Labyrinth of Ordinary Humans

Found a nice quote on another lost urbex site. The direct link is hijacked by the Webring code. I found the site thanks to the Wayback Machine.

“It’s not about busting into businesses and bragging about trespassing. It’s about living a time that is rapidly disappearing, sinking under a new city. The undoctored past is a rare thing to have the privilege to experience, especially because this is not the past of kings or generals or millionaire mansions. This is the past of sewer and drain workers,  factory workers, builders, tunnelers – ordinary people who built the labyrinthine hive of humans, that maze of rooms and halls above ground and under that we know as – a city.”

– Jacques

Source: Exploring The Twin Cities’ Underground

An Urban Explorer’s Dream Place (for Me)

I watched several urbex videos on YouTube tonight. Funny, but most mentioned this or that type of place was an urban explorer’s dream. None of the places they were talking about were any dream of mine. THIS place (see photo above) is more like my dream place. I could spend the day noticing and photographing all the details.

Even better having been photographed just after the rain. Old houses look great on rainy, cloudy days.

This photo comes from FlickrNicolas Auvinet. I moderate an urbex group there (other than my own Ontario and Canadian groups) which had this photo submitted for review.

Wish I could step into the photo without the need of paperwork, airplanes and all the rest. Just pack up my backpack, put on my boots and step through.

But, I can use a copy of the photo as my desktop wallpaper. At least I can see it again that way.

Urban Exploration with Drones

I’m not sure what a drone is versus what is not a drone. This video was taken with a quadcopter, to me it looks like what I’ve seen called a drone.


Seems a very smart way to search for abandoned houses, even on property you haven’t bought yourself. Unless your drone falls to the ground and you go in to retrieve it, you get a decent look without upsetting anyone worried about trespassers. If you spot something with the drone you can also map out the best route too.


Depending on how much magnification/ zoom your drone has you might be able to see a lot of detail. This is one of the best drone uses I have seen. (Other than defusing bombs, terrorists and deep sea exploration beyond the limits of human beings).

These images were from videos made by the property owner, Len Farneth. The first are views from the quadcopter (drone) and the second is a visit to see the house by foot.