Accounts of a Church Photographer

The pictures are great. It's along the lines of urban exploration but I don't think there is any focus on abandoned buidlings. Exceptional blog!

From the page: "Membership of the Hakluyt Society is strongly recommended to everyone interested in the history of exploration and travel, exploratory voyages, geographical discovery and world wide cultural encounter." The Hakluyt Society publishes historical accounts of travel and explorations, and voyages of discovery.

Urban exploration in Australia.
"There is a class of walkers who share a certain comaraderie. We are not drunks, tramps, hookers, cops, priests, party-goers or night-shift workers; we are merely outsiders. On the rare occasions when we meet we acknowledge one another with a tiny tilt of the head, or a quick nod; but each of us carries his or her own solitude. We are invisible and cannot be touched." - Sean Stewart