Just in time as the new school year starts, here are pictures I took of the demolition of my Mother's old school in Hamilton, Ontario. It was called Hillcrest when she attended but we noticed a clean spot left by old letters which said Hilldale. So it changed it's name at some point. I brought her a brick from her old school. I think she's going to put it out in the flower garden here, somewhere.
There is the empty chapel, only the wind's home.
It has no windows, and the door swings.

T.S. Eliot

A magazine for urban explorers in western Canada. I love photographs of ruined buildings.
Urban Nature

Photoblog and Flickr group for images of nature in an urban context. Not quite urban exploration but a lot of UE people will find plants and nature sticking up through the derelict buildings, abandonded homes and assorted other ruins.

I joined the group on Flickr. The photos are great.
Blogoommer home

This is the next one I’m going to try. It also updates using ftp.

Saving Graces

Also known as women in stone. A site with a collection of cemetery photographs of female sculpture.
Lost Found Art - Collections of found stuff.

GarbageScout.com - Found treasure map - a recycler’s dream, a cheapskate’s best friend, and a dumpster diver’s companion

Seeing the downtown core of the city of Toronto, the less than squeaky clean parts. Urban exploration in pictures.