This is a bit outside of Alliston, on the outskirts but within walking distance. It must have been a store at some time. Now it is being left to the elements at the side of the road, Hwy #89. I didn't go in for a closer look cause people live in a house/ farm on the same property. I felt I wouldn't be proper to make myself at home wandering around their place. Plus, there have been dogs out there other times. I'm not a big fan of barking dogs.

More pictures from that cemetery I went to the other day. None turned out as well as I would have liked. But, right after my battery gasped it's last breath the light changed and became much more filtered and greyish. That would have made a huge difference in my pictures. None would have been too light then. Still, I'm very glad it's a digital camera and I have the battery charger now. It would be a lot more expensive and frustrating otherwise. Now I can learn as I go and not feel bad about the disaster I leave behind me.

I took these today at an old Catholic cemetery near Tottenham. Most of the stones on one side were easily over a hundred years old. The church had been preserving or propping up many of them. Some had metal braces around the stones and others had been cemented back together. It was nice to see people looking after them.

This one was the most unique looking. One picture turned out too light but the darker one shows the wooden log look. It was the only one like this there and was up close to the back of the church. I've seen a few others like this, I really like them even though I also love the engraved and carved stone too.
Nice photos and a write up about exploring an abandoned castle. Derelict Miscellany You'll have to click on the link to the gallery and then scroll down to find the castle. There are other ruins and trips to explore them on this site. I just looked at the castle first.

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