These were taken by my sister and her friends. The ship is a real tall ship which was made over into restaurant for awhile. At some time it was abandoned and then vandals set it on fire. Now it's just floating wreckage outside of Burlington, Ontario.

Found these photos of a ruined mansion in County Mayo, Ireland. Really nice photo of the front especially. You can almost feel you are there.
I never thought of looking at sites about film locations for abandoned buildings. This one is for the UK, called Location Works. They have a whole subcategory for Derelict buildings/ locations. Nice photos too. Even if you can't go see for yourself I just like seeing the photos and I'm glad someone has kept something of those old places before they completely fall apart and become forgotten. They all have some kind of history. Someone built them, lived in them and cared about them.

A white farm house with a black barn in back. Still had a satellite dish on the side of the house. It hasn't been empty as long as some others I've seen. Likely the Honda plant bought the land as they are building extensions and changing the roads even to accomodate car manufacturing and traffic from all those employees.

I found a red plastic kid's size shovel just off the driveway of this house. I left it there but it wasn't at all damaged. Not much other stuff around.

The grass is all overgrown and really pretty. It would make grass lovers nuts, itching to cut it and manicure it into the perfect lawn. But, I already think it's perfect. It fell over itself in waves, smoothed down by the wind and rain. It shows up in some of my pictures.