It's not an abandoned house but I really like the look of it. It makes me think of one of the Santa Village houses, it's just rougher around the edges.

This house could be seen from the highway if you were watching. The first time I went for a look there were fields planted with beans (I think) so I couldn't trek back to the house and I just took photos of the collapsing shed and old barn. When I returned a week or so later the fields had been harvested and I was able to walk way back there and see the house. The field was full of rows of sharp sticks. I'm sure I would have been in serious pain if I stumbled and fell. I was careful. I had a seagull keeping me company while I walked back through the field.

At the house I found the ground not too bad for walking around. There is always a risk of falling into a hole left from a well, stepping right onto an old nail or something like that or coming closer than you want to some really peeved off animal. I think about those things, mainly the animal part. This time I did find a few things on the ground- those red bricks which must have been on the house a long time ago and that Pyrex bowl which I took back with me. I saved it from the elements and eventual oblivian and extinction. I'm not sure about actually using the bowl. It's fine now after serious bleaching and multi washing. I just remember how badly it stank even from the back of the car trunk.

It was an interesting house. Three doors, I don't know why they needed so many. The front door was pretty with glass panes along both sides and extra woodwork moulding at the top, sides and bottom. At the bottom of the front door you could see a large hole leading to the basement, or what would be the basement if it didn't look more like a cement pit of debris.

It was a really nice location for the house. On three sides the land sloped off leaving it on a hill. The only flat side was the way I had come, back towards the barn and the side road.

I also noticed the old hand pump outside at the back door. I took a photo but didn't include it. You've probably seen a pump at some point. This one was just a lot rustier. Photos of abandoned towns and buildings and their remains.

Good photos of abandoned farmhouses, some inside photos too. I've been to one of these old houses and taken photos myself.

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There are also grain elevators which are kind of their own vertical ghost town.

The photo here came from Bankhead Ghost Town, Alberta, Canada. I don't know who took the photo but I would really like to see more.