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This was an old bank. I had an account here when the bank was active inside the old building. Now it has been turned into a huge new building which has the remains of the old bank included. I meant to get a photo of the outside too. But, here is the inside, the old stone carvings which I think were gold before. I could be remembering it wrong though.

The photos I took today inside Union Station are all very very dark. I lightened them a lot just to see anything. Of course, this makes them pretty grainy looking. It's a shame cause it really does have old stonework worth seeing. I love the flowers on the sides, I think they are poppies. Also the palm leaves at the top of the columns. The flowers did not come out at all, even after lightening the photo. Maybe I will try again. If I come up with an idea to try, using the indoors setting on the camera didn't help.


This house is in Newmarket, on Vivian which becomes Mulock farther along. There are 2 very new gas stations at this intersection. Another house which used to be closer to the corner is already gone. This one won't last much longer.