The back of the row of houses, the middle and the side. On the side photo you can see the sign with the name of the side street, Thomas.

Taken from across the street. I thought I needed the distance to get in the whole building from top to bottom. The parked cars were in the way to see the bottom and the trees were pretty scraggly looking in the rest.

The houses along this part of the street are not up for demolition so far, at least the windows were not all boarded up and I saw people living there who were coming in and out. I noticed the sign up for Tradesmans Entrance and took a picture.



This house was around the corner from the ones I came to see. I noticed it in the background as I was taking pictures. Looks like that whole corner is being knocked down for something modern to be poured into that space. Lots of space just seems a shame to lose more old houses.

These came from the building that is a revamped Winners now. I'm putting these up mainly to help me remember where I was when I saw them.




Noticed this old beauty as I began walking back along Carlton from the Toronto BookCrossing Meeting. The building beside it was nice too. On the side of the street I was standing on was a really neat building made over into a Winners store. I got a couple of bits of it but will go back for more (when I have fresher, happier, batteries).