I'd like to see that lighthouse. Of course, being England and a town on the coast, there are lots of old places and things (like shipwrecks) to see. The lighthouse would be special. Finding images of it from long ago would be great to compare with how it is now. I like finding lighthouses here, in Ontario. Unless something leftover from the Vikings is discovered, there won't be any as old as this Roman lighthouse, in Canada. These images are from The Shepherds of Dover, on Facebook by way of the Bored Panda website. Source: We Moved To Live In The Worst Place In England, And Here’s What It’s Like | Bored Panda
I watched several urbex videos on YouTube tonight. Funny, but most mentioned this or that type of place was an urban explorer's dream. None of the places they were talking about were any dream of mine. THIS place (see photo above) is more like my dream place. I could spend the day noticing and photographing all the details. Even better having been photographed just after the rain. Old houses look great on rainy, cloudy days. This photo comes from FlickrNicolas Auvinet. I moderate an urbex group there (other than my own Ontario and Canadian groups) which had this photo submitted for review. Wish I could step into the photo without the need of paperwork, airplanes and all the rest. Just pack up my backpack, put on my boots and step through. But, I can use a copy of the photo as my desktop wallpaper. At least I can see it again that way.
This is not preserving history. It looks like a skin graft that didn't take. A mask to be taken off when the party is over. I haven't noticed anything like this before, but, I'm not living in Toronto these days. Worse than demolition? I don't know. I doubt something left like this will be maintained with the same effort as the newer building which really is part of the structure. How likely is the old facade to be left to crumble away when it really isn't needed. Just an attempt at making peace with local historians. This is why I love the photographs of the original places. It is sad that photographic technology hasn't always had all the options for colour and detail which we have now. Yet, what will people a hundred years from now think of our obsolete images? Nothing can really be preserved, it can only be kept a little longer.
London is filled with grafted facades, nearly two-dimensional artifacts held in place while updated buildings are constructed behind them; many seem to haphazardly half-disguise the boring new stru…
Source: Saving Face: ‘Ghost Facade’ Preservation Worse Than Demolition? | Urbanist
One of the most hotly debated underwater discoveries dates back to 1995 and is still producing differing theories today. A wayward diver stumbled across the ancient ruin site off the southern coast of Yonaguni, Japan. The site appeared to show huge stone blocks cut into the shape of stairs, paved streets and crossroads. The discovery is estimated to be around 10,000 years old, with many scientists believing it to be the remains of an ancient sunken city. Not everyone agrees though and some experts believe the large blocks are naturally formed and the result of tectonic movement. Whatever the answer may be, it is undoubtedly one of the greatest underwater wonders of the world.
Source: 3. Underwater Ruins. Japan | 20 Underwater Wonders of Our Blue Planet | EarthTripper| Page 1
A real life version of Atlantis can be found at the bottom of a man-made lake in China. In 1959, the Chinese Government decided that they wanted to build a new hydro-electric power station and so made the call to build a huge lake in the Eastern Provence of Zhejiang. The lake was built between the Five Lion Mountain and the ancient city of Shi Cheng (Lion City), that was flooded in order to make way for the power station. The city has been untouched for over 50 years. A dive team has recently rediscovered the remains of the city but there are now plans to turn it into a dive site. Incredibly, the dive team said that nearly every structure in Lion City was still intact, even after lying underwater for over half a century! Lion City, China
Source: 20 Underwater Wonders of Our Blue Planet | EarthTripper The original source link for this photo is 404.  Loved the photo too much to not repost it.
I watched a ghost TV show about this hotel. The ghost search didn't interest me very much, I wanted to see the building! So I went on a search of my own, online. I made screen captures from Google Street View, images were taken in 2013. bakerentdetail bakerentrance bakerside bakersidedetail bakersidedetail2 bakersidedetail3 bakerview1 bakerview2 bakerview3 bakerview4 bakerview5 bakerview6 bakerview7 bakerview8 bakerview9 bakerview10 bakerviewtop The link below comes from the people renovating the Baker Hotel now (or soon). I'm not sure just where they are with the project. via Home | The Baker Hotel - Mineral Wells, Texas.
at risk edinburgh   Found on Buildings at Risk. Such nice work on this building. I found it with Google Street View for a better look. There are birds on the sides of the building. I hope someone takes care of this place. On Google someone had garbage leaning against one of the main doorways. Tried to get some nice images with Google to show it off. As always, wish I could be there to see it and photograph it myself. This building also has images of the original owners. I wonder if the families still own the building and know who the faces on it are.atrisk0atrisk1atrisk2atrisk3atrisk4atrisk5atrisk6atrisk7atrisk8atrisk9atrisk10atrisk11atrisk12atrisk13atrisk14atrisk15atrisk16atrisk17atrisk18