Not sure if this is ongoing but you can check the Facebook group and contact the company. If you have automobile related ghost sign photographs they will pay $25 for your photo. Seems worth looking into. National Parts Locator Service Ghost Sign Photo Contest Capture
Ghost Signs Contest These are old signs of the past. They are still among us, but they are slowly disappearing. They are old and faded now. They are signs that were painted on the sides or front of buildings, walls, billboards on the road, they used to advertise products and services of a bygone era. The most common Ghost Signs seem to be old Coke ads. Many of them are 50 years old or older. We are searching for auto-related Ghost Signs of the past. Anything that is auto-related will be considered. Such as gas stations, oil logos, old Dealerships: Packard, Cadillac, Hudson, Nash, Studebaker, Kaiser, Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs, etc., Part Stores, Tires, Batteries, Roadside Attraction Signs, Auto Garages, and more. They represent a bygone era, some painted, but many were electrical. They represent our past. They attracted our attention, but now they are ghostly, faded reminders of days gone by. We will pay $25 dollars for clear photographs of these Ghost Signs. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!