Found this mentioned online tonight. I don't have a copy of the book to review it but I do like knowing more people interested in local, Ontario, history. The book is $20, plus $5 for shipping if you order it from the site (link is below). Haunted CookstownSource: Amy Woodcock | Haunted Cookstown
White Towers MotelIt's interesting how much you can and can not see using Google Street View. This is the White Towers Motel. I can't say that it was the White Tower's Motel because it is still standing, so far. There is some kind of plan in action for it. Likely it was sold to new owners as the name has been changed. Now it is the Barrie Motel Hotel (or something like that). There is one of the old white signs still up but the rest have been changed. One whold section of the motel is all boarded up and will likely be demolished. It wasn't a fancy place and now it really looks ratty. Too bad to see another of the old motels downslide and likely disappear at some point. My plan is to get there for some photos of my own. But, I did like the step back in time to see it in 2012 when Google got these photos. One odd thing, the side of the building which is now boarded up is different now. In this view the building has a new surface but when I went by on the bus today it was the old stuff. Likely a board (which was painted fresh) has fallen off. Anyway, will get the photos of the motel as it is now, soon. whitetower1 whitetower2 whitetower3 whitetower4 whitetower5 whitetower7 whitetower8 whitetowers6
If it works, this is the map I've made for places I am going to try to see while I am in Toronto this week. Far too many for just 3 days. Will see how far I can get. There are several I especially want to see.
I was looking at Google Maps today and noticed a ghost sign I haven't noticed before. I've actually walked along those streets, on the corner of Dunlop right there but it didn't catch my eye. Next time I'm out downtown I will have to get a photograph of this sign myself. This image is a screen capture from Google Maps. ghost sign dunlop
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