Old Schoolhouse 689457224 Old Schoolhouse 689454222 Old Schoolhouse 689451890 Old Schoolhouse 689450158 Old Schoolhouse 689445142 Old Schoolhouse 689442558 Old Schoolhouse 689440238 Old Schoolhouse 689438328 Old Schoolhouse 689436036 Old Schoolhouse 688600711 Old Schoolhouse 688597729 Old Schoolhouse 688594593 Old Schoolhouse 688582965
O Little House of Shelburne Shed 1227860784 O Little House of Shelburne Shed 1227000093 O Little House of Shelburne Shed 1226999891 O Little House of Shelburne House 1227861008 O Little House of Shelburne House 1227001247 O Little House of Shelburne House 1226999647 O Little House of Shelburne Barn 1227000581 O Little House of Shelburne Barn 1227000335 O Little House of Shelburne 1227861314
Farmhouse Hwy#59 Wood Trim 918005914 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Wood Trim 917155743 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Wood Trim 917154931 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Window 917928948 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Window 917153649 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Steps 917995812 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Side Porch 918007892 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Side Porch 917200455 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Side Porch 917198387 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Side of Barn 918022664 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Side Back 917978366 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Side 917194697 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Side 917068725 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Outside the Drive Shed 917948970 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Outhouse 918039390 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Lightbulb 918003304 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Keep Off 917135123 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Front Door 917060779 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Front 917926418 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Front 917923668 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Front 917905760 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed Inside 917122407 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917980292 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917972662 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917961784 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917959128 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917953322 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917124465 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917110189 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917105275 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917099873 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Drive Shed 917096949 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Burdock 917941314 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Bricks and Burdock 917092061 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Breaking Corner 918036786 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Barn Window 917163363 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Barn and Field 917988274 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Barn 917976730 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Barn 917966332 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Barn 917912954 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Barn 917118297 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Back Side 918021146 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Back Side 917074841 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Back Porch 917144275 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Back 918024652 Farmhouse Hwy#59 Back 918011344 Farmhouse Hwy#59 918043746 Farmhouse Hwy#59 918032624 Farmhouse Hwy#59 918004950 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917998030 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917987028 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917985360 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917935278 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917931786 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917919688 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917916586 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917909520 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917207567 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917206603 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917205577 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917203355 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917201775 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917181821 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917180135 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917172743 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917166671 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917146645 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917137149 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917128329 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917098159 Farmhouse Hwy#59 917064713 Farmhouse Hwy#59 916919229
Bracebridge The Root Cellar 510529219 Bracebridge Side 510507568 Bracebridge Right Side 510528663 Bracebridge Left Side 510529081 Bracebridge Front with Lilac Bush 510507090 Bracebridge Front 510507232Old Abandoned Truck 510528927
First they took the rabbits, then the trees and then the house. I wonder if you could find so much as one mini pine cone now. Likely they're all under the houses they built once they tore the rabbit sellers down. Private House Right Side 510526535 Private House Rabbits Not Included 510526429 Private House Pinecones 510526845 Private House Left Side 510526625 Private House 510526291
Wreckage on 31 1321606185 Wreckage on 31 1321607167 Wreckage on 31 1321608019 Wreckage on 31 1321608417 Wreckage on 31 1321608845 Wreckage on 31 1321609735 Wreckage on 31 1321610279 Wreckage on 31 1322496814 Wreckage on 31 1322497502 Wreckage on 31 1322497802 Wreckage on 31 1322499118 Wreckage on 31 1322499582 Wreckage on 31 1322500404 Wreckage on 31 Forgotten Curtain 1322501046 Wreckage on 31 Window Frame 1321607651A man was living in a trailer on the property. No one had lived in this house for awhile. I asked for permission to walk around and see the house. He didn't mind, just wondered why I was interested. One of the only times I have gotten permission to explore and one of the very few times I talked to someone who didn't give me a history of the place before I began photographing it. I don't know if this house still stands. It had some nice, old fashioned and unique features.  
Apples and Sweet Peas Window 1321616077 Apples and Sweet Peas Side View 1322507724 Apples and Sweet Peas Machinery 1322509914 Apples and Sweet Peas Front View 1322511380 Apples and Sweet Peas Broken Front 1321615039 Apples and Sweet Peas Barn at Front 1322504404 Apples and Sweet Peas Barn 1321618541 Apples and Sweet Peas Back View with Apples and Shed 1321618263 Apples and Sweet Peas Back 1321617921 Apples and Sweet Peas Apples 1322506632 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322512548 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322512246 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322511992 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322510820 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322508550 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322508056 Apples and Sweet Peas 1322505032 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321620759 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321620179 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321619667 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321619331 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321616653 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321616345 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321615531 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321615263 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321614687 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321614409 Apples and Sweet Peas 1321613115An old brother and sister lived at this house until they died. No family were left to carry on with it. The fields were being used by a neighbour, rented or bought the land (I forget which now). He stopped along the road when he saw me taking photos. Was concerned about what I was doing. But, happy to tell me the story of the place after we talked to him. At the end of the conversation he suggested we pick all the apples we wanted from the trees at the back of the house. He even invited us to come back again and pick more. I did go back a few times to this house. I met more of the family on another occasion. Later we dug up wild garlic and daffodil bulbs which grew in the long grass. Most of the daffodils came up (three years later) in our own front yard.