Four women stop to explore an abandoned property, on impulse. They post the video to YouTube and are condemned for what they have done. The comments go too far. As a woman explorer myself I wonder why there are so many videos just like this (from males) and they do not get this kind of response. This is what I posted: The comments are too extreme. I've seen a lot of men/ boys posting the same or far riskier stuff. Why so much backlash when it's a group of women who really didn't vandalize or steal anything? I'm not voting your video down or asking you to take it down. I think you took a few risks more than you needed to but I do understand the curiousity to see an old place. I'm glad you did not take anything. I explore in rural Ontario and the only thing I leave with are my memories and photographs too. Anyway, mainly ladies, if you explore a condemned property and become injured it is not fair to the property owner(s) as they would be responsible for whatever happens to you while you are on their property. A place which is condemned is not just an empty house. There was very likely structural damage to that house. It is good you were unable to enter it. Floors may have been unsafe from dampness, etc. You were not prepared for that kind of risk to yourselves. Though, it was good that you stuck together and did not have just one person on her own. One other thing to be aware of are the outside dangers on an abandoned property, especially when the ground was covered with snow. Stray animals are one thing, chances are you would at least see them or they would not approach a group of people. But, the bigger risk is the covered ground because you can't see what you are walking on. Possibly broken glass, nails which could go through your shoes. Also, wells and other holes which are not marked or covered securely/ safely. I still enjoy finding an old place and documenting it with photographs. I don't use video because I prefer still photos so I can get a better, close up look at all the elements of the property. I usually explore with another person and I almost never enter any buildings. Mostly because the places I like to see are very derelict, beyond safe. Please be careful if you explore other places. Find out more about old architecture, history and safety while exploring.