I have been a history fan since the day I first noticed old buildings with the carved and sculpted stonework, the majestic columns and the extras, like gargoyles. My Mother loves antiques. We still have some of the massive pieces of furniture which she told me were called Canadiana, over 100 years old made from trees far older than that even. The wood has become soft to the touch and the colour is lighter than the finished wooden furniture. Anyway, nothing lasts forever. Isn’t that the sad part of history, architecture and antiques? This is why I have always enjoyed finding vintage and antique postcards of old Canadian cities, towns and places I have been in the current time. In the old postcards you can see some of what once was and how a building (still standing) looked when it was new. The street views are my favourites. Horses still in the streets, sometimes sharing it with vehicles and sometimes, just horses and buggies. People along the sidewalks, some close enough to see a pattern in their clothes and the trimmings on their hats. Those were real, living people. Not a design someone created to add features to an illustration. What do you think about when you see an old postcard? Travels? History? Collectibles and antiques? Maybe you see them for the art they are too?
Source - Jaynee Cakes on Cakes Decor I like all the detail. Plus, it's not the typical black mansion/ castle looking house drawn up to be spooky. This is a house you could find, abandoned somewhere not far from your own street. Too bad there isn't a photo of the back of the cake. I hope it has a decorated back, not just a front for show. I looked up her site, Jaynee Cakes. (Somewhere in the US. I did not find a location, just a phone number).
I wasn't looking for them but I wanted to post them once I did. These rings are more expensive than the other set I posted. But, not shown as well on the site. I still like the idea (and these rings have colours) but I like the others better. Capturelondon Capturemoscow Captureparis Capturevenice Source: AENEA | Designer Collection | Wolf & Badger
I really like the idea of these but I really can't afford to buy one. Besides, I'm Canadian. I could come up with my own design and turn it into an ASCII art image. It's something I would like to do but haven't started yet. If you happen to be from one of these cities you may want to get a ring. Most locations were the US and Europe. ringscitiesSource: View City by Shekhtwoman on Etsy
I especially like vintage postcards. This hand drawn, coloured type especially. I haven't checked if all of them are linen postcards or other types. Need more research on it. Source: How Linen Postcards Transformed the Depression Era Into a Hyperreal Dreamland | Collectors Weekly
urbanexplorer An ASCII art doodle.