This is a bit outside of Alliston, on the outskirts but within walking distance. It must have been a store at some time. Now it is being left to the elements at the side of the road, Hwy #89. I didn't go in for a closer look cause people live in a house/ farm on the same property. I felt I wouldn't be proper to make myself at home wandering around their place. Plus, there have been dogs out there other times. I'm not a big fan of barking dogs.

A white farm house with a black barn in back. Still had a satellite dish on the side of the house. It hasn't been empty as long as some others I've seen. Likely the Honda plant bought the land as they are building extensions and changing the roads even to accomodate car manufacturing and traffic from all those employees.

I found a red plastic kid's size shovel just off the driveway of this house. I left it there but it wasn't at all damaged. Not much other stuff around.

The grass is all overgrown and really pretty. It would make grass lovers nuts, itching to cut it and manicure it into the perfect lawn. But, I already think it's perfect. It fell over itself in waves, smoothed down by the wind and rain. It shows up in some of my pictures.