The Orleans is Beautiful in New York

The Orleans

via – Beaux Arts condo conversion in UWS enters the market.

Built around 1900 on the corner of West 80th Street and Columbus Avenue, the structure is “the second oldest tall building on the Upper West Side,” according to the official site. The brick, stone and limestone building first opened as a hotel; by the 1950s, it was a mix of 77 rental apartments and 43 hotel rooms. Owners David Sterling and Nora Lavori, a long-divorced couple who purchased the place in the early 1980s, have renovated the apartments multiple times.

I noticed this photo in a real estate blog. The building has such wonderful stonework I had to see more of it. I found the whole corner and across the street are all buildings with this kind of stonework. I found them through Google Street View and took screen shots. It would be nice to see more places like this. Maybe I will get down to Toronto again before Spring this year.

One side of the building was sunny but mostly covered by trees on Google Street View.
I could see more on the other side, around the corner.



Here is some detail as close as I could get. Too bad it isn’t clearer.

This building was beside the Orleans.



The other building I looked at was across the street.


I can imagine going to Paris, some of those old European cities and seeing the very old and detailed stonework. The best I can do at the moment is look at photos other people have taken, vintage postcards and see what I can find with Google Street View. But, there are good places to see right here. Just not as much history and here in rural Ontario they didn’t make a lot of skyscrapers a hundred years ago.

Auto Related Ghost Signs Contest

Not sure if this is ongoing but you can check the Facebook group and contact the company. If you have automobile related ghost sign photographs they will pay $25 for your photo. Seems worth looking into.

National Parts Locator Service Ghost Sign Photo Contest


Ghost Signs Contest

These are old signs of the past. They are still among us, but they are slowly disappearing. They are old and faded now. They are signs that were painted on the sides or front of buildings, walls, billboards on the road, they used to advertise products and services of a bygone era. The most common Ghost Signs seem to be old Coke ads. Many of them are 50 years old or older.

We are searching for auto-related Ghost Signs of the past. Anything that is auto-related will be considered. Such as gas stations, oil logos, old Dealerships: Packard, Cadillac, Hudson, Nash, Studebaker, Kaiser, Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs, etc., Part Stores, Tires, Batteries, Roadside Attraction Signs, Auto Garages, and more. They represent a bygone era, some painted, but many were electrical. They represent our past. They attracted our attention, but now they are ghostly, faded reminders of days gone by.

We will pay $25 dollars for clear photographs of these Ghost Signs. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!