The Old House on the 3rd Line?

I drive by this old house about once a month on the way to visiting my brother in Orillia. It’s wasn’t an abandoned house but old and houses close to a highway interest me. They show how the roadways have progressed.

Yesterday I drove by and I had a triple look because (I’m still not 100% sure) the house was gone. I could see a wire fence around the area, over the driveway. But, there was no sign of the house. There is a chance I just missed it but, I can’t think of anything else there with a driveway. I hope I’m wrong and the house is still there. Not that it’s going to last forever but I will be sorry to see it not there any more.

These images are screen captures from Google. I never stopped to take a photograph of the house. I just thought it would continue to be there.


2 thoughts on “The Old House on the 3rd Line?

  1. Hi Laura,
    I like this! Thank you for your comments on my Curious Nibbler blog page. So cool that I get to combine 2 of my favourite things – food and history – by blogging about golden oldie eateries (and other stuff) for the Barrie Historical Archive website. Did you check us out?

    • Yes I did look at the site for Barrie Historical Archive. Added it to my links too. I’m interested in helping out with it but not sure what I can do to help.

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